About Us

Welcome to The Tree Hugging Capitalist. It is not an oxymoron. We explore and explain how the climate business is affecting the business climate.

Our unique timeline demonstrates how flawed the Green Movement Theory really is, yet it seems to occupy every media outlet throughout the world. Our goal is to get YOU involved and informed to combat the “Green Movement” and stay aware of their tactics. We share personal experiences, devote hours of research, review, and re-share the works of large think tanks, then provide you with the most detailed, in-depth synopsis as it impacts our communities. Historical, technological, social, and economic aspects of this period will come from both a personal and entrepreneurial point of view. We are starting on Main Street USA, where businesses and citizens are most impacted. This is a true grassroots effort. The media is suppressing and censoring facts and data that are the true science, which is why we bring the message directly to you, in person. We post weekly with local, national, and global updates.


George Brennan

George Brennan

George Brennan, a baby boomer, and Christiana Schmitt, a Gen Z, have collaborated to bring to you The Tree Hugging Capitalist. Both being passionate in each subject we present: George brings 50 years of knowledge, experience and observations, Christi the drive and willingness to find facts and supporting data to include in our output. Be it a blog, podcast, or presentation, we believe this intergenerational approach will provide diverse yet determined viewpoints.

Our organization collects and connects data, studies, research, and news from around the world – from Washington D.C. think tanks to scientists, policy makers, researchers, and databases. We present it in an informative manner – mostly in person, and supported by our blog posts, podcasts, and media outreach.

Our goal is to confront the “climate zombie” movement that has deluded us with terms and concepts of Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Crisis, ‘Green New Deal’, The Great Reset and more. Don’t be fooled and don’t be intimidated by these bullies – science doesn’t support their actions.

We’ll provide you with the facts, how they are derived and where to find them. More importantly, you’ll want to join the informed, like-minded citizens to push back against the legislation, subsidies, mandates and regulations on all levels of government. Utility companies have been coerced to engage and in doing so, are raising our utility rates, creating unstable energy production and delivery all while having little to no impact on our environment, despite their “clean energy claims”. Let’s reverse this present course and get back to the basics – affordable, dependable, and readily available energy. Join us by registering @ The Tree Hugging Capitalist / Grassroots.

Christi Schmitt

Christiana Schmitt

Hi, I’m Christiana Schmitt and I am the director of social media and community liaison for both the Tree Hugging Capitalist and Leaner Meaner Greener.

Growing up living on the water, I’ve always been passionate about protecting our environment and have always taken action by participating in local beach or bay clean ups. Since recently graduating from Marist College with a degree in Entrepreneurship, I have decided to bring my passion to the next level. George and I have partnered up this past year to get the facts out to you and raise awareness as to what’s going on around us from federal legislation, to local regulations, mandates, subsidies and technology.

Over the course of this past year and a half, I have put in countless hours of research to educate myself with the science on the environment, climate change and the activities of the green movement. I recently attended my first international conference on climate change this past fall, and my knowledge was further expanded. Here, I had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with top scientists, congressmen/women, lobbyists, and other organizations focused on science, data, and reporting. My aim is to reach and encourage my generation to understand the nuances and complexities of climate and our environment.

We recognize that blog posts require a finite amount of time to read. Thus, we are creating podcasts for a quick and informative listen, hoping that you will dive into our blogs for further insight into each topic. We plan on posting at least weekly, as we have a plethora of content to cover and explore. As a grassroots movement, our goal is to bring you quick, easy to understand, updates and reliable information on current environmental and climate discussions.