Grass Roots

“Getting Active with Results”

Welcome and Thank You for visiting our Grass Roots movement page.

We are seeking Chambers of Commerce, Trade Organizations, Industry Associations,  Parent’s Groups and PTA’s, Church/Religious and Civic Groups and any groups of concerned citizens that want/need to be informed on all things climate and weather.

More importantly we will guide them in how to combat the suppression of real data and science by supplying them with the facts and the scientific sources that support them. Our freedoms are at stake, and we need to preserve them by fighting back at all levels.

Please take the time to further engage  your community by sharing with us the organization(s) in your area that would be best served with our efforts and platforms.

Indicate if you are a member of said organization, your role and the approximate size (# of members).

If you are not a member but wish to refer us to an organization, please do so and list referring partner.


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