The Tree Hugging Capitalist (It’s not an Oxymoron!)

“Examining how the climate business is impacting the business climate.”

What is the Tree Hugging Capitalist and what will this blog be about?

As a former boy scout and scoutmaster, we lived by the camping credo “Leave No Trace”. I will be sharing my recollections and experiences of the last nearly 50 years of the “Green Movement”, the renewable energy industry’s ebbs and flows, and delve into the historical, technological, social and economic aspects of this period both from a personal and entrepreneur’s view. Likewise, we will cover current and trending issues of the day as they impact or affect the general business community.

What is the role of business? Business exists to supply goods and services to customers rather than to supply jobs to workers and managers, or even dividends to stockholders.

How do we measure success in business? Business management must always, in every decision and action, put economic performance first. Profit is not the explanation, cause or rationale of business behavior and business decisions but rather the test of their validity. If you do not turn an economic profit over the long term you are draining the economy rather than supporting it. It is this economic profit that gives validity to the existence of a business, but that profit is not in and of itself the business.

And herein is where the business end of Tree Hugging Capitalism lies: How do we factor the necessary resources to ensure business longevity?

It is my hope that in reviewing, observing and discussing how we value and utilize our resources within our business and personal spheres, that the only trace we leave is to make our world a better one than we were given.

George Brennan
Leaner, Meaner, Greener, Inc.


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